Our Starter Guides to Industry Jargon
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Beginners guide to understanding in Industrial Sectors

We have created our Back to Basics resources for our clients and beyond – as Industry Jargon can be tricky! By starting with our beginners guides you can start your digital transformation journey with a head start – Understanding what it takes to make your business fully efficient, proactive and innovative to stay ahead of the competition!

The Change Curve

Learning the stages of the Change Curve and how this adapts to business

Value Add vs. Non-Value Add

What is considered a value add and a non-value add, and how to use this in your development


Typical Processes in the Industrial Sectors and where to start your transformation journey 

Technology Adoption Lifecycle

A look into the stages of adoption to technology, where are you on the cycle?

The 8 Wastes

Understanding of what the 8 areas of waste are in your business

Industry 4.0

From 1.0 - 4.0: Seeing how far Industry has come and what stage we are in at the present

Technology Timeline

Download our Tech Timeline now and see how far we have developed over the years…

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The Change Curve

The change curve is a model to understand the different stages of change that we come across, and how we can overcome them. Every business has these states of change to grow through, not just with a change in situations or events but with people too. This falls into change management – as without the acceptance to understand from the staff, change in the workplace becomes impossible.

Back to Basics - The Change Curve
Typical Processes

What are Processes?

Every business has a set of processes that make it run. From start to finish, input to output, supplier to customer – each step is a process in itself. By focusing on the outputs, we can give you statistics, real-time data, insights and much more to continue improving your business and having more control over your processes.

The 8 Wastes

In our review we look over the 8 areas for possible wastes – by reviewing your processes thoroughly we can save TIME & COST in your business to become more efficient and reliable – retaining customers and gaining new ones. 

Read more in our blog post on what to do…

8 Wastes
Value Add vs Non-Value Add

Value Add vs. Non-Value Add

We look at your processes and review your value against your non-value add. Value is what brings trade and money to your business which is what we focus on to increase. Waste and Incidental are non-value add’s; Incidental being processes that are
essential but do not add value to the product, Waste refers to the 8 wastes – the processes which we review and focus on to REDUCE and REMOVE to up your Value Add.

The Technology Adoption Lifecycle

The pace of change in technology is rapidly increasing – the pandemic has only increased the need for change. The world is becoming more digital and adapting to work more efficiently. The graph shows the increasing rate of change in technology over time, why is this important?

Industry 4.0

As the Pandemic hit in 2020, Digital Change only spiked even quicker. Because of this, more and more industries are embracing technology and Industry 4.0 is continuing to innovate.

Back to Basics: Why is Industry 4.0 so important?

Industry 4.0 isn’t just about digital transformation of the industry, the innovations have offered multiple benefits such as…

Our Process
We cover the full end to end process. Want to see where we commonly see friction in the manufacturing process? Take a look at our interactive process map!
Process Map
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