Ironic events…

Ironic events

So I was considering buying a lottery ticket, because a series of ironic coincidental events have happened in the past few weeks…

* I started my business this year, aiming to support local, traditional ‘offline’ businesses to begin to digitalise their operations, customer experience and online presence…

* Unfortunately, with the Covid-19 induced lockdown, it is those traditional ‘offline’ businesses that may suffer the most

* Businesses must use their time wisely to reinvent themselves… As a startup I haven’t had time to build up tradition and legacy process, so I can remain innovative and flexible

* As a startup, I am fortunate to have some savings to see me through as there is little government support for startups

* Whilst everyone must now stay safe and ‘santitised’, earlier this year I created my business slogan “Prepare to be Hanatised…”

If you, or anyone you know, are a business owner concerned about how you will recover from this situation, please get in touch so we can brainstorm together how you can use Digital Process Improvement to adapt and improve your current operations.

I, like you, now have some valuable time on my hands… “The Best Way to Predict the Future is to Create it”

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At HanaTech we support local business within the Manufacturing industry to become more successful at competing and surviving in a Digital World, transforming Traditional Factories towards Factories of the Future, one quick win at a time

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