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The power of data

Whilst watching last nights daily briefing, I was impressed with the way Professor Yvonne Doyle handled the challenge around the accuracy of the Death toll data recorded.

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The importance of consistency and timeliness of the data was clearly made. Reference was made to the unfortunate lack of infrastructure set up at this stage for recording and feeding back data from Care homes for inclusion in the daily chart the nation has become familiar with being updated on, which was acknowledged as important data that has not been forgotten or ignored.

There was also much reference to learning from other Countries and learning in an iterative way as we work our way through this unprecedented time.

The key takeaway for me is how much emphasis is being placed on the power of data (quite rightly), and that every decision that is being taken is based on data, fact and science.

Using this time to reflect, I wander how many businesses can honestly say that they are measuring and collecting the right data at the right time to make the best informed decisions? HanaTech offers a free remote Digital baseline review that includes a ‘Data Rich & Real Time Insight’ section… please get in touch if you would like to find out more

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