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10+ hours lost and how to time manage SUCCESSFULLY

Time is something nobody can control, once it’s gone, it’s gone! BUT, you can time manage more wisely…    

Time Manage

So what do we mean by HOURS LOST?

When it comes to your workplace whether it be the office, your factory or a store, every business has their processes. From the admin and HR to the distribution and manufacturing; Even your home life has it’s processes and daily routine. We are all a fan of making things easier for ourselves by investing either in a tech gadget from our innovations post on DAY 11; even owning a mobile phone makes our lives a million times more efficient! But there are many of us that spend many hours completing tasks that simply do not require that amount of time, and quite frankly by the end of it, it’s underwhelming. 

TIME MANAGEMENT – Not something everyone is great at.. But can improve. 

There are all kinds of people in this world, the ones who are super organised and time manage so well that it’s borderline TOO well, and the people who have so much to do… And so little time… 

Managing your time efficiently is a step in the right direction to being more successful, in your home life or your business life. By successful, we can’t promise that you will be a millionaire by the time you have time managed everything.. But there are MANY benefits: 

  • Mental benefits – by organising your time better you will have a clearer mind and ability to know that everything is in the right place.. Less stress! 
  • Life Skills – It’s a skill that everyone always needs and always comes in handy in most aspects of your life 
  • Time GAINED: if you are proactively finding new solutions and better ways to work, this falls into time management and in term, gains hours back for you to focus on the more important things in life 
  • Business Benefits – Whether you own your own business or work for one, managing your time can improve the business’s trade with more customers, gain more profits, have better communication with staff and much more which we will go into in the next part… 


You may already know that you need to make your daily life run a bit smoother, but it’s not always easy to start that plan, especially if you don’t know WHERE to start. But have no fear! There are many experts and business consultants out there to give guidance and advice.. (such as ourselves) as well as resources to help time manage such as Monday.Com, good old Microsoft OneNote and more but we are going to give you a head start by pointing out some actions in the workplace: 

  1. Firstly, you have to be understanding of yourself that you know you aren’t managing your time correctly. (Which is fine, many of us struggle!) 
  2. Have a look at your routine, identify a few of your daily work tasks… are there any processes you find that take a LOT longer than they should?  
  3. Note down all of your processes.. There may be some that you think are okay but you could actually speed up with the correct advice and software! 
  4. If you are one of the tech-savvy curious types, maybe have a research and see if there is a better way to complete your task 
  5. Let the experts help! Contact your superior, or if you are the superior go ahead and find an expert! We are a business consultancy who offer it all, from advice and change management to putting actual solutions in place and setting you on your merry way – one step at a time. 
  6. Be PATIENT. Good things do take time, even managing your time takes time! By having a plan in place and tackling it one by one, it cuts a digital improvement plan into chunks that are easier to complete. 


Once you have started your time management plan, whether it’s a personal one with your home life or a business one of a digital process improvement plan, you will soon see the lost hours turn into gained ones. So what can you do with that time? 

The world is your oyster! 

William Shakespeare

In terms of business.. Time is precious. By improving processes digitally, this gives more time to focus on the human tasks that digital cannot do.. The one to one training with staff which builds their confidence. The human interaction of checking up on how the employees are doing if you’re part of the management team or higher. The positive feedback that might just make somebody’s day – that they know they are valued in the workplace.  

There are many great things achieved with time, human tasks are just one of them.  

You could look into a development in your business that you may not have had time to do so before, a new product to launch maybe. You could gain more customers as you have the time to take them on. You could work on your marketing more to push your brand awareness online, or you could hire new staff… 

The possibilities are endless! 

If you and your business needs to manage time better and you don’t know where to start? 


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