4 Key Factors

4 informative KEY factors in your growing digital journey

There are 4 key factors in your journey of digital development with HanaTech…  

But before that, we have to start right at the beginning…  

If you have learnt anything from our blog posts so far (we hope so!) Then you’ll already be a trainee of personal development. You’ll be starting your New Year’s Resolutions, making those lists whether they be on paper or on your Notes app, you’ll be preparing for some key factors you want to change in 2021… and then you’ll probably include some work improvements too. 

Whether you’re working for a company, whether you own one, whether it’s small or medium or even large, we all have a ‘progress plan’ of some kind. Then there is always that list of ‘New Year’s Resolutions’ that we make all motivated, and then forget about in week 2. But 2021 NEEDS to be different. 

We are going to show you OUR Plan on a Page for how we complete our Digital Process Improvement and what key factors we look at to go from a Digital Beginner, to a Digital Master… 

key factors

1. CUSTOMER CENTRIC – Products and Services 

This is the starting point of the journey, where you gain your customers and how that all happens. Here are some examples of improvements we can make: 

  • Sales won through loyal base and word-of-mouth 
  • Customer interactions based from email, phone, post and fax 
  • Areas of inefficiency within CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE 


  • Strong E-commerce presence and seamless multi-channel experience 
  • Wherever, Whenever service proposition 
Key Factors

2. OPTIMISED DIGITALISED processes and operations 

Your processes are, well, the steel beams of the business holding it all together. Your processes and how they run are what keeps your business going and whether it gets the trade or not. If you have processes that aren’t running as well as they could/should be, this can be detrimental. Customers will go elsewhere to places more efficient to trade… 

Here are examples of improvements we can make: 

  • Multiple disconnected systems and manual tasks with minimal data recorded 
  • Long set up times 
  • Rework caused by lackof process controls 


  • Integrated end-to-end digital processes and 3rd party systems 
  • Intelligent automation to replace manual tasks 
  • Automated controls, monitoring and workflow 
Key Factors

3. DATA RICH and real time insight – 

We are very much in the technical age, where we can pretty much access any piece of information at the touch of a button. We live our daily lives with all sorts of smart technology such as Amazon Alexa’s, iPhones with Face iD and Apple Wallets, Ring Doorbells with HD video just to name a few. So, why wouldn’t you want your work life to be as efficient? By having access and much more visibility to your data, this can generate real time insights and dashboards to gather reports and make improvements or adjustments.  

Here are some examples of improvements we can make: 

  • Time lag on operational, customer and management information resulting in reactive decision making 
  • Difficult to capture meaningful data 


  • Real time metrics and full traceability of data 
  • Advanced and predictive intelligence and analytics for proactive decisions and action 
  • Improved targeting with customer insights 
Key Factors

4. CULTURE OF INNOVATION and embracing technology 

Change management is one of the toughest tasks out there, especially as it includes a sort of ‘selling’ technique to encourage people to get on board. There are many different types of people and their traits out there, looking back at the technology adoption cycle there are reasons why the category of laggards exist, and this can be due to the ‘resistance to change’ mindset. By helping with change management, this helps a business from the inside out – as even staff need encouragement too.  

Here are some examples of improvements we can make: 

  • Little investment spent on R&D innovation 
  • Lack of engagement in the need for change 
  • Team comfortable with’doing business the way it has always been done’ 


  • New technology explored and utilised 
  • Empowered tech savvy team with digital skills to keep up with INDUSTRY 4.0 
  • Continuous innovation to find ways to disrupt the market and stay relevant 

Those are our 4 KEY FACTORS to the digital process improvement plan journey, and of course, we help you understand each stage along the way.

Change is always difficult, but change is inevitable, important and necessary to keep moving forwards. If nothing ever changed, we would be stuck in a groundhog day…  

Take a look at our ‘Plan on a Page’ in more detail here and tomorrow we will look at 3 Important words for Day 3… 

Remember to drop us any queries you have, or if you want to start your Digital Development Plan!

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