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“Where’s my Order?” 5 reasons why you need the Glass Factory® App

You may have had the age old question stuck in your mind… “Where is my Order?” Whether it be a personal online order, or you work within a Manufacturing Business. The Glass Factory® App provides real time Order Status transparency across multi-level complex supply chains – an innovation not to miss out on!

Glass Factory® App – Supporting Traditional Supply Chains move towards Supply Chains of the Future, Built on Transparency & Facts 🏭🔎

At HanaTech Ltd. we saw a gap in the market – with 15+ years of experience in the Manufacturing Sector it’s apparent how much visibility Manufacturing Businesses get in their supply chains = Pretty much none!

Currently, few large businesses such as Argos, McDonalds, and Dominos have upped their games by providing Order Status stages such as ‘Preparing, In Progress and Delivered’ but the stages are still limited on information.

The delivery stage of the process too, has upped the game for many by providing live maps of where the driver is located. But what about every stage from Order to Delivery? What if we told you that Suppliers AND Customers will benefit from the Glass Factory® App?

Glass Factory® App

Why Choose Glass Factory®?

As the times move further into Industry 4.0, digitisation is key to the Industrial Sectors to keep progressing and staying ahead of the competition. The likes of larger corporations such as Amazon are leaders of innovation – and the SME world can be too!

It’s no secret that the Manufacturing Industry can struggle with lead times, efficiency, chasing orders and other wastes which can easily be eliminated. As the world becomes more customer focused and self-serve, we have provided a simple, cost -effective app which brings the Supplier & Customer together.

Here are 5 reasons why the Supply Chain Industry needs Glass Factory® App in their lives…

1. Full Transparency of Work Flow

Having the ability to see through the supply chain not only provides customers with valuable information, but provides Businesses with real-time data of work flow and processes. 

Building stronger relationships, gaining support and trust, providing efficient and accurate KPI’s all count towards saving TIME & COST whilst bringing in trade and staying ahead of your competition…

2. On Time in Full? No Problem!

With Glass Factory®, we work with factories to help them become so efficient that they are confident to open up to their customers! Providing different packages to suit your business needs; we are here to support you in your Order Status journey. It’s important not only for the customer, but for the supplier to gain transparency, to perform at their very best.

OTIF (On Time in Full) can be at your customer’s fingertips… literally.

3. Benefits for the Supplier & Customer

Glass Factory® app brings huge benefits to both parties:

With real time order tracking throughout, the app provides unique features such as Non-Conformance and Compliments logging – gaining real feedback. Improving business KPI’s such as Overall Equipment Effective (OEE) and On Time In Full (OTIF) results in time & cost savings. If your business is more efficient and ahead of the competition – in term your customers will benefit from your service and continue to trade with you, keeping those relationships strong.

Frederick Cooper Ltd.

4. From Paper to Digital – Improved Efficiency

We now live in an anytime, anywhere society and customer expectations are changing. As we continue through Industry 4.0 everyday businesses are climbing the digital scale to stay competitive. As well, the Pandemic has only increased the importance and speed of digital innovation… Where does this leave you?

By moving from paper, manual processes to Digital, Glass Factory® gives you efficiency like no other. Instead of a paper trail of order notes, job cards and emails to sift through whilst locating your order status, everything is tracked in one handy digital place.

5. It’s simple, user friendly and cost effective!

Glass Factory® has been made with Manufacturers in mind: we are always developing and updating. We work with our clients to suit their needs but where do you start? By booking a demo of course! It’s never been easier to work with technology, as we have created a user friendly experience for all. Best of all, the costs are low – providing a stand alone system or integrated with existing. HanaTech are here to support you on your transparency journey…

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