Innovation and Change Spooky Stories

What makes Innovation and Change a Spooky Story?

It’s Spooky Season at HanaTech which means it’s time to share some Spooky Stories! 👻 If you follow us on our socials, you will have seen our post on Internet Data and Cyber Security and some rather scary facts…

But innovation and change doesn’t need to be all that scary! With some open mindedness, a will to learn and some time you will be equipped with the knowledge to understand and adapt which is all a part of change management.

Why is Innovation and Change so scary?

First of all, the word ‘Innovation’ itself can be a daunting concept.

Innovation and Change

Innovation’s are a new idea, method or product in a place which provide improvements and change. Innovation and change go hand in hand and can even mean the same thing. The word Innovation can seem overwhelming, referring to something huge, technical and complicated. But this is simply just a perception of the word. Innovations can be anything new which provides a positive and necessary change, which doesn’t need to be extremely technical or confusing.

What is Change? Change can impact things more than you realise, depending on the type of change you’re experiencing. Innovation and Change is scary to most, which is normal! We as humans are accustomed to routine and the comfort of it. When things change and go outside of the norm, this can scare people as it’s not what they are used to. The fear of change correlates with the fear of innovations and technology, as anything which seems more complicated than usual, our minds tend to shy away from.

But if Innovation and Change didn’t exist in the world, we wouldn’t be where we are today. They are necessary for the development of our future, and the future completely relies on change.

The Change Curve

The Change Curve is a model to understand the different stages of change that we come across and how we can overcome them. Every business has these states of change to grow through, not just with a change in situations or events but with people too. This falls into change management – as without the acceptance to understand from the staff and the optimism from management, change in the workplace becomes impossible. Read more in our Back to Basics resources.

Innovation and Change within HanaTech

At HanaTech we focus our main goals on Innovation, so what have we been doing that’s so innovative?

Glass Factory® App

We have created an innovation in the supply chain industry which you may have heard about: The Glass Factory® App 🔎 Our innovation provides real time supply chain transparency and multi level sub contractor drilldown. Designed to be self-serve and intuitive, it handles complex processes and presents clear concise information at your fingertips. At HanaTech Ltd. we saw a gap in the market – with 15+ years of experience in the Manufacturing Sector it’s apparent how much visibility Manufacturing Businesses get in their supply chains = Pretty much none!

Why was creating this so important to us?

Innovation and change of course! There needs to be change in the industry to be able to improve the way we do things, the information we provide and better improve performance. We focus on Change Management too, so we have the expertise knowledge to help our clients every step of the way.

Glass Factory® App
Glass Factory® App

If you want to see 5 reasons why you need the Glass Factory App, read our previous blog post here and find out why you can’t miss out on this innovation…

Visit the Glass Factory® website now to find out more, read our case studies and subscribe to our blog to find out when we go live!

Innovation Award Winners 2021

We actually won an award for our work in innovation! (if you haven’t already heard) We won the ‘Engineer Champion of the year – Business Sector’ award in the Technology Supply Chain Awards. We are super proud of this and can’t wait to continue to show our worth to the industry. We have also entered the Women in Innovation Awards as we are a proudly female-led business and supporting women in industry is what we stand for. 💪

Factory of the Future – in partnership with BCIMO

HanaTech are in partnership with the Black Country Innovative Manufacturing Organisation (BCIMO) to provide our services in the SME business engagement programme: Factory of the Future 🏭 This innovative programme is here to provide SME’s in the Black Country area with free support to digitise their factories and improve their processes. What do we do? We are one of the consultants providing the support to start your digital transformation journey! If you’re interested in this programme and want to find out more, please visit the BCIMO website and find out how you can get free 12 hours support…

How can I learn to accept innovation and change?

Change is a process which takes time and it’s important to understand this. That’s why at HanaTech we are experts in Change Management and Innovation. In every work place there can be resistance to change, whether it’s from higher up or lower down the hierarchy. To adjust to innovation and change there needs to be support from the top, to show the workforce that it is indeed worth the change they are about to experience. Managing your team, working together with them to implement change is key to building those trusting relationships and in term, building a successful business.

If you’re looking to implement change but you’re unsure where to start? Get in contact with us and we can start you off on your digital transformation journey 🦾

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