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2021 Round Up Scoop 🍦 – Our great achievements and projects of the year

It’s the last Newsletter of the year and the biggest! In today’s scoop we will look over the past year at HanaTech and refresh our minds of all of the awesome achievements and projects we’ve had…

2021 has been a whirlwind year for many industries, with the world trying to adjust to a new normal and get back on it’s feet after the pandemic. We’ve seen places open back up, more face to face events, and a lot of digital transformation which is what we like of course… We too have played part in some great events this year and have met, virtually or otherwise, some fantastic people, companies and associations.

2021 – Achievements and Projects so far…

We’ve had a super busy year and if you’ve come to this blog from our Newsletter then you will have seen a summary, but we are going to share with you more detail of what’s been going on in front and behind the HanaTech scenes…

We’ve had many achievements and projects, working with some great clients and building long lasting relationships. We’ve had some highs and a few bumps along the way, but we’ve learnt valuable lessons and gained much support. For now, here’s our 2021 round up:

January – March

Weekly What’sup Launch

We started the year with the launch of our Weekly What’sup – A Virtual Headspace: Made for Manufacturers! Our space has evolved into something truly great, providing our attendees with Industry Support, Ideas & Advice and much more…

We saw that there were many networking groups out there but not everybody wants to ‘network’ as such, especially no sales pitches! We saw that there was a need for a support session specifically for the Industrial sectors to come along and offload their thoughts and take a breather away from the day-to-day. We’ve had some great sessions and gained a bunch of regulars who really value the space. Since Jan, we evolved and rebranded as ‘Monthly What’sup – A Virtual Headspace’ and we can’t wait to continue supporting the Industrial Sectors 💪

Women in Manufacturing – Blog Series

Our Women in Manufacturing Blog series was a huge success, featuring great interviews with Female Apprentices and Business Leaders. Hearing what advice they had to give to the future female generation was truly inspiring and an important topic to raise. At HanaTech we’ve continued to share inspiring Women in Industry throughout the year and will continue to do so, as it’s vital to represent women and their success in their roles, showing it is very possible in any industry 💪

Case Studies: Alpha Finishing Ltd.

We worked on a bespoke Digital Job Card solution with Alpha Finishing Ltd., transforming operations from manual/paper based to digital, innovative and user friendly. Our approach is always tailored to suit your business needs, with change management expertise so you can adapt your workforce to the changes with ease. We also implemented our Central Stock Hub solution to Sami’s Cash and Carry, providing a digital hub to keep track of inventory levels, warehouse movements and more.

A great start to the year with many achievements and projects underway…

Monthly What'sup - A Virtual Headspace
Monthly What’sup – A Virtual Headspace
Case Study with Alpha Finishing Ltd.
Case Study with Alpha Finishing Ltd.

April – June

Introduction to the Glass Factory® App

During these months we saw the introduction of our innovative product, website and name: Glass Factory® App 🏭🔎 We have been working super hard behind the scenes the whole of 2021, creating our unique supply chain innovation:

“Supporting Traditional Supply Chains move towards Supply Chains of the Future, built on Transparency and Facts…”

Starting our pilots has been the highlight of this time – working with Frederick Cooper to provide unique features and benefits to customer and supplier. We’ve gained valuable feedback and we are excited for what’s to come…

Working with Helen Fortune – Black Country Manufacturing Growth Programme Manager

We have had some great relationships built: Working with Helen Fortune of the Manufacturing Growth Programme in supporting local Manufacturing businesses with funding for their projects. We are proud of the work we have done so far and thank Helen for her continued support 💪

Case Study: Malthouse Engineering Ltd. and i2

We have continued our bespoke projects with clients such as Malthouse Engineering Ltd – implementing the Digital Job Card and integrating in real time with their bespoke legacy access database. We are proud to have a great relationship with the MD, Dr. Roy Taylor and can’t wait to see what’s next on their digital transformation list…

We’ve also worked with i2 – Implementation Intelligence on their bespoke programme management solution ‘Omnia’ – case study coming soon!

Back to Basics

Finally, we launched our Back to Basics Starter Pack – A Beginners Guide to industry jargon as a free resource to the Industrial Sectors.

Glass Factory® App
Glass Factory® App
Malthouse Engineering Case Study
Malthouse Engineering Case Study

July – September

Technology Supply Chain’s Innovation Awards: Engineering Innovation Champion 🏆

We sure had a busy time here! Of course, the highlight was winning our Engineering Champion Innovation Award 🏆 This was one of our first face-to-face events since the pandemic and we had a great time celebrating at Millenium Point, Birmingham with a few of our close friends and clients. A huge thank you to all who voted for us, we are extremely proud of our hard work and for it to be recognised with this award was truly amazing.

Black Country Innovative Manufacturing Organisation (BCIMO) – Factory of the Future

There were many other events we were a part of, such as the BCIMO’s Factory of the Future event – where we have partnered up with BCIMO to help provide local digitisation support. The 12 hour assist programme is still available to Black Country SME’s in Manufacturing – providing free support into kickstarting their digitisation projects, find out more here.

More Events with Construction Excellence & Made in the Midlands

We took part in a Construction Excellence hosted Glass Factory® App Webinar where we gained valuable feedback from the Construction Industry…

As well as this, our MD Hana participated in a Made Live TV episode with Kully Nijjar, where she discussed more on how the Glass Factory® App can provide full transparency of multi-level complex supply chains. Thank you Made in the Midlands for this opportunity!

Alongside all of the exciting events we have been working on more bespoke Shopfloor data collection solutions with Metalogic & Aurubis – case studies coming soon, as well as another Glass Factory® pilot with Three Way Pressings… always having many projects on the go in the background!

Innovation Awards - Winner!
Innovation Awards – Winner!
BCIMO - Factory of the Future Event
BCIMO – Factory of the Future Event

October – December

Employee Milestones

Going into Spooky Season, we had our Marketer pass her Apprenticeship with a Distinction 🥳 as well as this, she completed her 1st year with HanaTech!

It is also our 2 year anniversary on the 20th December – we are very proud of how far we have come already, and we are just getting started!

Case Study: Iconsys, Track Systems UK & LS Manufacturing

The projects don’t stop: we’ve been working hard with Iconsys on an exciting Autonomous Robot integration with the Glass Factory® App, truly bridging the cyber-physical gap. With so many possibilities, Glass Factory® is sure to disrupt the market in 2022…

We completed a BCIMO 12 hour assist digitisation programme with Track Systems UK, as well as starting new work with textiles company LS Manufacturing to create a bespoke Digital Job Card solution for them 💪 Our solutions are made to suit your business needs, so no project implementation is really the same!

More Events and Green Initiatives…

We’ve attended the Black Country Chamber of Commerce Mini Expo at The Waterfront, Brierley Hill and met some great people, as well as starting an innovation opportunity with Birmingham City University to further develop the Glass Factory® App as a Sustainable Smart Factory solution to help SMEs improve their carbon footprint consumption. Net Zero is at the forefront of the conversation, so our mission is to provide businesses with the digital tools and data needed to achieve their sustainability goals 💪

But wait, the year isn’t over yet! We still have a huge announcement coming THIS WEEK… 👀 You may have noticed that our HanaBot has had a glow up… so keep your eyes peeled and follow us on our socials:

BCCC Mini Expo
BCCC Mini Expo
Coming soon...
Coming soon…

We couldn’t be more proud of our 2021 achievements and projects…

Lets take the #WomenInIndustry stories into the new year, so reach out to us if you’d like to be featured in one of our blogs 👩‍🏭 📰

We’ve had a great year with so many more amazing projects and announcements to come! We’d like to say a huge thank you to our clients, followers and friends for supporting us in 2021, we really appreciate you.

If you’re looking to implement change but you’re unsure where to start? Get in contact with us and we can start you off on your digital transformation journey 🦾

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