Your Invitation

to take part in our industry respected Digital Baseline Review -
because you need a plan to start those improvements...

Digital Process Improvement in the West Midlands

When making a plan

it's good to know where you are and where you want to get to...

The 4 Key Factors are

Customer centric - Products and services
Optimised Digitalised - Processes and operations
Data Rich and Real Time insights
Culture of Innovation - Embracing Technology
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Why would I take part?

What's the aim?

The aim of the Digital Baseline Review is to build a picture of the local Manufacturing industry baseline for the level of technology & digitalisation in use and to provide each company taking part with some clear and affordable recommendations for quick wins.

We want to raise the bar on the level of technology adoption within the local Manufacturing Industry and beyond…


Digital Baseline Review

What's the format?

The DBR is ideally completed on site though can now be carried out remotely and will take no more than 2 hours. 

It measures 4 key areas: Customer Journey, Operations & Process, Use of Realtime Data and Innovation / Industry 4.0. An overall % score and ranking is provided along with some recommendations for improvement.

Take a look at some example questions!

Digital Baseline Review Excerpt

How will the results be used?

Anonymised results will be populated into a ranking table and shared with participants to provide a useful comparison benchmark. The overall industry baseline results and trends will be shared with appropriate Manufacturing associations and via the HanaTech website

Digital Baseline Rankings Excerpt

Who will facilitate my review?

HanaTech is a West Midlands based consultancy specialising in Digital Process Improvement, passionate about supporting local businesses within the Manufacturing Industry.

We want to strip time and cost out of your processes, helping you move from a Traditional Factory towards Factory of the Future –

One Quick Win at a Time

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At HanaTech we specialise in Digital Process Improvement in the West Midlands and beyond. We support local business within UK Manufacturing to become more successful at competing and surviving in a Digital World, transforming Traditional Factories towards Factories of the Future, One Quick Win at a Time…

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