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We’ve loved supporting our clients with their Digital Process Improvements. From streamlining their Customer Journey, and maximising factory efficiencies, to optimising back office processes, we’ve helped Manufacturing, Engineering and Distribution companies increase their digital capacity to gain competitive advantage. Take a look at some of our Case Studies below…

Timelog App

Aurubis UK

Digital Job Card

Malthouse Engineering Ltd.

Project Hub

i2 - Implementation Intelligence

Digital Job Card

Alpha Finishing Ltd.

Marketing Flyer

Rimstock Ltd.
Aurubis Case Study
Suppliers of Non-ferrous and Copper based material in strip
Aurubis UK is a Birmingham based company with over 200 years of history. "Aurubis has produced copper and other metals that are crucial for modernisation and for the ongoing development of our lives over the next decades." - Aurubis UK Website

As a company, they are looking for solutions to modernise data capture, increase productivity and profitability. As well as this, Aurubis wanted to reduce paper documents to improve traceability and accuracy.
Jeff Atkinson
Jeff AtkinsonOperator
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“I've found the system really easy to use, with only a few clicks to record my jobs and time. It's a great improvement on our old paper-based system as I can use a barcode scanner and all the information is automatically linked. Being able to look at the latest packaging specs in the same place is a real time saver.”

We implemented the TimeLog App at Aurubis UK, which works with their existing MRP system to provide real time shop floor data. In phase 1 of the project, we recreated their existing solutions to be more bespoke and suit their business needs. For phase 2, we are working together to enhance and improve functionality.

The solution includes features such as daily checks, and the ability to record digital test readings towards creating their paperless shop floor vision. We worked with the team to create an ease of usability, which is key to providing efficiency.

Lastly, we rolled out by testing with champion users first, then from the feedback stage we adjusted until the solution was perfect. HanaTech now provides a weekly check in for ongoing support and new ideas/innovations: A great client reference site that has lead to an ongoing, valued relationship.

Benefits gained:

✅ Real Time Production Tracking

✅ Daily H&S Operator Checks

✅ Accurate, Real-time Data for Reporting

✅ Minimum of 10 hours a week saved for shopfloor and admin staff!

i2 logo
Helping organisations overcome the complexities of implementing change
Implementation Intelligence (i2) is a business services company that helps organisations to identify the change they need and remove the risks in implementation by reducing the uncertainties and complexities of change.

i2 work within Industries such as Manufacturing, oil and gas, and more. The company goals align with HanaTech, providing expert change management and delivering sustainable solutions.
Harley Webster
Harley Websteri2
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Our experience has been excellent, we had a complex technical request and HanaTech were able to translate. We're impressed with the agile way of working and quick response time. Our ongoing relationship has been going really well, with a smooth continual workflow established. We would full recommend working with HanaTech, as we value our strategic partner relationship.

i2 stated a few unique things about working with HanaTech; not only do they provide the technical expertise, they understand the experience of working with their clients to make the product even better. 

For the project, we agreed what development was required for each 2 week sprint using Kanban boards for ease of communication. We’ve been rolling out small but impactful changes every 2 weeks so that it gives users chance to provide feedback. Working in this way has helped bring the users along the journey at their own pace.

HanaTech now provides ongoing support with a minimum of 1 sprint a month and a continuous improvement relationship that we value highly.

Benefits gained:

✅ Improved User Experience

✅ Access to Real-time Data 

✅ Reduced Admin Time

Ian Henderson
Ian HendersonHead of Sales
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"Working with HanaTech makes life easy. Great work, great support and always on hand to make the process fast and efficient. The balance was just right, advised when we needed advising but listened when needed to. The team thought the final design ticked all the boxes for our somewhat loose brief! It looked fantastic and will be unique in the market space we are attempting to grow in. We would 100% recommend!"
Rimstock logo

Marketing Flyer for Print/Digital

Rimstock Ltd. were looking for a Marketing Flyer suitable for digital and print usage for their upcoming product release. We worked together to create a modern style with an outdoors feel to represent the product, as well as keeping branding consistent.

Malthouse Logo
The UK's largest independent flame cutting company
Malthouse Engineering is the largest Independent Steel Profiling and Steel Solutions Company based in Oldbury. The company was formed in 1947 and has grown to a team of 60. Malthouse offers services such as Flame Cutting, Heat treatments, Steel fabrication and Lumsden Grinding whilst supplying to over 42 sectors of British Industry from rail, automotive, nuclear and medical.
Matt Hazlehurst
Matt HazlehurstProduction Manager at Malthouse Engineering Ltd.
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“I can foresee the changes saving our colleague Nel, anywhere between 10-12 hours a week of data inputting as it will all now be automated by the HanaTech system. In regards to our customers, it will be a lot easier to progress orders which will improve their experience.”

We implemented the Digital Job Card at Malthouse, integrating in real time with their bespoke access database and introducing barcode scanning capabilities. From paper-based job cards transformed to digital, the business gained WIP visibility on the factory floor with a much more mobile approach. With a huge time saving, Malthouse are able to put this time elsewhere, which in term is cost effective. Starting with a factory tour, we identified opportunities for digital process improvement which led to implementing our bespoke Digital Job Card solution. 

Benefits gained:

✅ Real Time Production Tracking

✅ Real Time integration to Access Database

✅ No manual data entry at the end of shifts

✅ Minimum of 2 hours a day saved!

Alpha Finishing Ltd.
Metal Finishing and Specialist Anodising Services
Alpha Finishing Ltd Est 2009 operates their anodising facility in Yoxall, near Lichfield. They services such as anodizing, cutting & fabrication, long-length polishing and metal finishing for the aluminium extrusion industry and for manufacturers of architectural aluminium products.
Adam Calloway
Adam CallowayMD at Alpha Finishing
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“Working with HanaTech has enabled us to question and change inefficient practices, those methods done the same way because they have always been done that way, into opportunities for greater efficiency, less duplication, which will repeat time and again on our bottom-line.”

We implemented the Digital Job Card at Alpha, transforming the facility from manual/paper based to digital, innovative and user friendly. The business used traditional log sheets along with excel spreadsheets, whiteboard production planning and manual data processes which was time consuming and unproductive. Starting with a factory tour, we identified opportunities for digital process improvement which led to implementing our bespoke Digital Job Card solution. 

Benefits gained:

✅ Real Time Production Tracking

✅ Automated Customer Updates

✅ Back Office Efficiency

✅ Minimum of 2 hours a day saved!

Testimonials from our
Valued Clients

After Service
Farhan Ahmed
Farhan AhmedContinuous Improvement Engineer at Alucast ltd.
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“With the help of HanaTech, we have made progress digitising our operations and transitioning to a paperless logging process using the Glass Factory®. Seamless digitisation is our aim, and HanaTech’s help has made this possible, by letting us track the progress of products in real-time and providing WIP visibility to Alucast and its customers.”
Jon Stone
Jon StoneMD at Frederick Cooper Ltd.
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"A watershed moment at HQ. Working with HanaTech Ltd we ran real time shop floor trials of the Glass Factory® app. Early feedback is positive and we’re hoping it will help us streamline and control stock movement through multiple complex processes."
Sean Baker
Sean BakerGlobal Engagement Director at itelligence
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“Hana led the successful transition of IESA to S/4HANA in 5 months, her drive, focus, commitment to total quality were critical to the success – the appropriate blend of being very demanding but fair. The project teams success has been recognised in the industry and the personal commitment that Hana demonstrated was 1st class leadership. She has subsequently led innovative approaches to Agile delivery on a SAP platform – not a trivial task. It was a pleasure to be part of a successful team under her dedicated and committed leadership”
John Robson
John RobsonCTO
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“Hana has the ability to analyse complex issues, use continuous improvement / software development skills to lock down onto a solution and then deliver – and do that over and over again. Her experience of operational environments blended with process re-engineering and technology ensure she can get her arms around large daunting requirements and external suppliers to keep the most challenging projects on track. Great to work with as well”

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