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1 Expert Digital Improvement Plan

A Happy Holidays and a Merry Christmas to you all! 

Our last day is here, and we’re just about ready to head into 2021! But not without showing you our continuous digital improvement plan…  
12 Days of HanaTech Christmas

Let’s recap what we’ve learnt over the 12 Days of HanaTech Christmas:  

  • 12 Reasons why we all NEED to change, showing different case studies and motivating reasons why  
  • 11 Innovations all around us that we don’t even realise they come second nature, things we use every single day to keep our lives going much easier and efficiently  
  • 10+ hours lost and how to TIME MANAGE successfully; with advice and tips around starting to manage your time, how to go about it and why it’s important 
  • 9 hugely inspiring Women in Tech and how their inventions shaped the future of today  
  • 8 tough but actionable wastes in your business, explained and what you should do about yours 
  • 7 motivating reasons to NOT give up hope, with tips and advice on how to be proactive, set those goals and to continue your journey 
  • 6 important pain points you need to improve in your business, what they are and where to start your overview development plan  
  • 5 Gold savingsssssss! (Never get’s old) A few cost free ways to get those quick wins in the business yourself with some resources  
  • 4 key factors in your development journey which you look at through your 6 pain points, what the factors are and where to get started with your plan of action 
  • 3 vital words – Digital Baseline Review, what it is and how we use it to start your business’es digital process improvement plan 
  • 2+ easy ways to speak to us, a little bit about HanaTech’s employee’s and different ways to contact us

Which leads us to here… 

At HanaTech we do things differently.  

We aren’t your usual Business Consultancy. We work with you from beginning to end, every step of the way. We don’t just offer business advice, we work out a digital improvement plan keeping you included whilst offering our expert advice on how to digitally improve your workplace. We aren’t here to ‘force a sale’, we’re here because turning traditional factories to factories of the future is our passion.

We’re bespoke and tailor the plan to your business needs – none of this cold call style sales speech, just pure honest advice. We’re transparent with you, as we believe in a not just a smart factory, but a transparent glass factory future; to be able to show customers your processes and be PROUD of how successful you are.  

Digital improvement plan

That’s why it’s a continuous digital improvement plan!  

We start off with quick wins and work our way from there, depending on the business. If you’re not quite ready for large digital solutions that’s okay! We’ll do our Digital Baseline Review by looking over the 6 pain points, identifying the 4 key factors along the way and we can create your digital improvement plan to span over as much time as you need.  

We help you understand the solutions, work with you to tweak it to your specifications and we’ll also put in our expertise and add solutions you will not have thought of.  

Here to Help

We build trust and relationships as the end goal, is to get your business on top of the competition, but continually holding that position by working on change management and the last key factor – culture of innovation.


We hope you enjoyed the 12 Day’s of HanaTech Christmas – it’s jam packed of great advice, tips, and how to work with us!  

Set those 2021 New Year’s Resolutions and speak to us to help start your journey…  

HanaTech has some amazing projects in the pipelines so don’t forget to follow us on our socials and our main LinkedIn page to keep up to date with any announcements.. Which there may be some in January! 


Stay Safe, and have a great one! 

HanaTech Ltd.  

Digital Process Improvement in the West Midlands
Helpful Advice & Tips

5 Gold Savings! Everybody loves a bargain …

Gold Savings
After a year of many losses in the work place, redundancies, business closures and profit decreases nobody wants or in fact has the funding to go looking for large expensive solutions, we need some small quick wins with gold savings!

Small to medium businesses out there are looking for support, motivation to carry on and improvement plans going forward with somebody you can trust. 

Our 5 gold savings (get it.. After the 5 gold rings…) tips and advice will give you and your business more hope to ACTUALLY follow through with those New Year’s Resolutions in 2021… 

1. Read all of our 12 Day’s of HanaTech Christmas posts!

This may seem a little cliché but honestly, good advice can be hard to come by, or at a price. We have provided 12 in depth posts of advice, tips, links and resources for you to use to support yourself and your business. There’s nothing like a good list, so go through our 12 days, pick out some points you can take from it and write them down! Get a head start on your self improvement plan or your business/work plan. Don’t get us wrong though, there are many other resources out there that are free too that we think are gold savings… 

2. See our Support Packages – from £250! 

Many digital process improvement plans come at a cost; 10’s of thousands to be exact. As well as that upfront price, they also require ongoing large monthly payments to keep your processes going, running and updating them which you may not be aware of.  

The Assessor 
Per Review 
We offer a complimentary initial Digital 
Baseline Review to all of our clients. Additional 
assessments are priced at €250 +VAT which 
covers a half day onsite review, travel and the 
The Deliverer 
Prices Starting From 
El 000 
Per Project 
We offer Fixed Fee prices on a project by project 
basis. Quick win projects are priced from El ,OOO 
+VAT upwards dependant on the complexity and 
duration of the project, with an average quick 
win project costing €5,000 +VAT. 
Most projects will qualify for funding 
consideration to offset up to 33% towards 
project costs dependent on meeting eligibility 
criteria; we provide support and advice on 
possible funding available and work closely with 
providers such as the Manufacturing Growth 
The Innovator 
Our clients preferred partnership package. We 
offer flexible ongoing innovation support to 
further develop the companies Digital 
Roadmap and to offer change management 
such as monitoring quick win improvements. 
We provide support and advice on how the 
Digital innovations could meet R&D Tax Credit 
incentives and work closely with experts in 
that field. 
The Innovator support contract can be tailored 
dependant on the business needs and starts 
from €500 +VAT per month which is 
equivalent to one days support per month.

TRANSPARENCY – it is KEY for you to get a rough quote.

There is nothing more frustrating than researching a product online and finding no links anywhere to even an estimated price range. We are clear with you – see here for our packages. Of course, there isn’t a way of getting an exact price until an improvement plan is made, as we tailor it to suit your needs whilst giving our professional advice but by providing these packages and information we want to give you as much detail as possible; so you know you can work with us! 

3. Resources – Seminars, Workshops and more! 

There are LOTS of gold savings online, free resources to be exact. They can help you with almost anything… especially in the year of online learning! As much as being on constant zoom meetings can be a little draining, put some time out to join a few workshops here and there that you WANT to be a part of. Don’t know where to start?  

  • Eventbrite are a platform where you can search for any online event, some are purchase only but there are MANY you grab tickets for that cost nothing! I myself have joined a few on topics I want to learn more about, and come out of it with much more motivation to succeed. 
  • Skillshare is another platform that provides online classes of many things that you can apply in your work life, such as marketing and social media skills, graphic design lessons and much more. Whilst there is a premium version for £7 a month, you can stick with the free account and search for free classes. 
  • Facebook and LinkedIn classes – If you follow the right people, often you can find free seminars/workshops they are offering through Facebook or Linkedin, sometimes even an Instagram live! Which means you can ask questions and get answers swiftly (if they read your question of course)  
  • Connecting with people/pages and groups in your interests or line of work – By making connections with people online you can see what they post right? Obviously. By joining groups and following pages of interest you will cater your feeds to see topcs you actually find interesting and even motivating. Sometimes people will post tips and tricks which is a free resource in itself! 
  • Useful Links – We have done a lot of research for you! Take a look at our useful links including Manufacturing associations, FUNDING, and Business Support for the Manufacturing Industry 

3. HELP yourself and make use of what’s out there, DON’T underutilise! 

Although many of us out there find social media’s rather draining, only good from a consumer point of view or for endless scrolling of funny videos, or if you are one of those people who ‘refuse to download social media, it’s for children’ well, you are sadly mistaken. Social media usage is so high right now 45 million active users are in the UK as of 2020 comparing to the 68 billion est. population – that’s a LOT of users.* 


When there were the days of analogue marketing which is still very much in use such as newpaper adverts and billboards these do come at a price. Whereas if you’re relatively new, a small business or just not yet established… Social Media is your FREE marketing tool and the possibilities are endless…  

Scrolling through phone

People are scrolling for hours everyday and if you get yourself active by sharing posts, making conversations and engaging, this widens your audience. If you aren’t sticking with the times, you do get left behind and in business the competition doesn’t stop for anyone!  

Talk to us

5. Talk to us! An email, message or chat is FREE.

The greatest gold saving of all.. Speak to us! We don’t bite! If you never ask, you’ll never know. Reach out to people, and reach out to us if you need to book a complimentary digital baseline review for your business, get some advice on where to start or if you want to speak to some passionate people that KNOW their stuff! We know that change management is difficult and that there is so much technical jargon floating around that not everyone understands… so we start off with those small ‘Quick Wins’ and work our way from there.  

We hope our gold savings will help you… follow us on our socials and chat to us! Or if you have an enquiry, contact us here.

Helpful Advice & Tips

7 motivating reasons to NOT give up hope

The way we do things, the way we work. The way we shop, the way we spend our time and money. The effects of the Covid-19 Pandemic is endless, but we are going to give you 7 motivating reasons to NOT give up hope.  

reasons to not give up hope

This year has been a whirlwind of emotions, thoughts and events that nobody ever would have thought of in 2019. The whole world’s lives has changed, forever.

1. The new year is coming… NEW YEAR NEW ME! 

Yes, this is a cliché we know, but maybe after 2020 you should make that 2021 resolution list. Whether it be a personal development or your workplace.. If you own a business why not make one about that? Get writing those lists! It’s a known fact that writing/typing your ideas down and emptying your head releases the weight – we aren’t meant to use our brains to store everything.. That’s what the cloud is made for! Whether you love to hand write your notes first or just straight onto your OneNote notebook, the first step to achieving goals is to lay everything out on the table. 

2. Anything is possible – and it’s okay to need a helping hand sometimes 

There are many of us, even the CEO’s and Managing Directors out there that can’t do everything by themselves; that’s okay!

A problem shared is a problem halved.  

(this post is going to be full of cheesy quotes, sorry!)

Once you have that resolutions list, take a look at what parts you know you can’t action yourself – find your contacts and reach out. Whether that’s family, friends, work colleagues or external businesses. Get that ‘HELP’ list going too, you’re probably going to need it. 

You got this!

3. Nobody is PERFECT…  

Acceptance to your ‘failures’ or ‘mistakes’ is KEY. In any development plan, there will be hurdles and lessons to learn but that’s where growth comes in. For many, this year has been a huge hit on small businesses and this can really deflate you to the point where you think ‘What’s the point in trying to recover?’ Everything feels like too much effort, because of the uncertainty of the year ahead. But think about it, If you can’t control it, don’t overthink about it! The pandemic or the year ahead isn’t in your hands; what’s going to happen will happen anyway.  

So create an overview of your 2020 for your business.. What worked well? What was lacking? How can you improve in 2021? Give yourself goals and something to look forward to! 

4. Set those Goals.. BE PROACTIVE! 

By actually setting goals, big or small you’re already taking steps to be proactive. ‘But, what is these goals I can’t achieve? What if 2021 closes my business?’  

We have to be realistic with our goals.. There is no harm in having huge dreams in the long run, but for the short term to actually BE proactive, you need to break it all down into small achievable aims. Get yourself a Calendar and organise when you want to achieve goals by. Give yourself a tiny little bit of pressure – some people work better knowing they have a deadline! But don’t be hard on yourself if you have to push it back.. They’re really guidelines.  


5. RESEARCH… How can you adapt your business to survive? 

This can be if you own a business, or you work for one – everybody’s voice matters. You have your overview of the previous year; you can see roughly what was missing or what went wrong. Let’s say you’re a small business owner of a lovely vintage store on the high street, you’ve probably not been open for very long in 2020, and your footfall is decreasing each year. Don’t give up hope!

ADAPT to the now, listen to what’s happening around you. What could be a solution to this problem? Start an e-commerce site! Going online is relatively cheap these days, you don’t need to go all out. You could get your business on free platforms such as Facebook and Instagram, have a research of the trends and speak to people, younger people. They know what’s the deal on social media and what works… and do it! What do you have to lose?  

2021 could be the year that you become the hip vintage store on Instagram… 

6. CONTINUE the research and CALL THE EXPERTS 

There are many business consultants out there for the business owners, or if you work for one and you’d like to pitch an idea, pitch it! Think about how you are going to come across, as you don’t want to seem like you’re undermining your MD. But, everyone has a valid voice and you may just have a point that could save a business.  

If you’re the business owner, continue your research a little more into how you need to adapt. But once it get’s past a point you understand, find an expert! There are many who will just give advice, who will help with change management, or will only offer a technical solution. But not every development plan has to cost £££ so get a few opinions, see who identifies areas of opportunity within your business and see who is the right fit for you. 

7. Lastly, DON’T GIVE UP!  

Now or Never

Although this is in the title, it’s very valid. You will have moments that you will feel like giving up, that there is no hope, but start off with the above tips… get that motivation back and work with it! Adapt, as change is inevitable after 2020. Change is necessary to continue your growth. Don’t be scared of it, be excited, be motivated, be encouraged to stay in the competition and build your business to be on top of the game. There is nothing more inspirational than building from the bottom to the top!  

And finally, contact a business consultant who is right for you, HanaTech are a digital process improvement consultancy supporting the Manufacturing Industry, One Quick Win at a Time! 

We hope you enjoyed our motivating reasons to NOT give up hope!

Helpful Advice & Tips

10+ hours lost and how to time manage SUCCESSFULLY

Time is something nobody can control, once it’s gone, it’s gone! BUT, you can time manage more wisely…    

Time Manage

So what do we mean by HOURS LOST?

When it comes to your workplace whether it be the office, your factory or a store, every business has their processes. From the admin and HR to the distribution and manufacturing; Even your home life has it’s processes and daily routine. We are all a fan of making things easier for ourselves by investing either in a tech gadget from our innovations post on DAY 11; even owning a mobile phone makes our lives a million times more efficient! But there are many of us that spend many hours completing tasks that simply do not require that amount of time, and quite frankly by the end of it, it’s underwhelming. 

TIME MANAGEMENT – Not something everyone is great at.. But can improve. 

There are all kinds of people in this world, the ones who are super organised and time manage so well that it’s borderline TOO well, and the people who have so much to do… And so little time… 

Managing your time efficiently is a step in the right direction to being more successful, in your home life or your business life. By successful, we can’t promise that you will be a millionaire by the time you have time managed everything.. But there are MANY benefits: 

  • Mental benefits – by organising your time better you will have a clearer mind and ability to know that everything is in the right place.. Less stress! 
  • Life Skills – It’s a skill that everyone always needs and always comes in handy in most aspects of your life 
  • Time GAINED: if you are proactively finding new solutions and better ways to work, this falls into time management and in term, gains hours back for you to focus on the more important things in life 
  • Business Benefits – Whether you own your own business or work for one, managing your time can improve the business’s trade with more customers, gain more profits, have better communication with staff and much more which we will go into in the next part… 


You may already know that you need to make your daily life run a bit smoother, but it’s not always easy to start that plan, especially if you don’t know WHERE to start. But have no fear! There are many experts and business consultants out there to give guidance and advice.. (such as ourselves) as well as resources to help time manage such as Monday.Com, good old Microsoft OneNote and more but we are going to give you a head start by pointing out some actions in the workplace: 

  1. Firstly, you have to be understanding of yourself that you know you aren’t managing your time correctly. (Which is fine, many of us struggle!) 
  2. Have a look at your routine, identify a few of your daily work tasks… are there any processes you find that take a LOT longer than they should?  
  3. Note down all of your processes.. There may be some that you think are okay but you could actually speed up with the correct advice and software! 
  4. If you are one of the tech-savvy curious types, maybe have a research and see if there is a better way to complete your task 
  5. Let the experts help! Contact your superior, or if you are the superior go ahead and find an expert! We are a business consultancy who offer it all, from advice and change management to putting actual solutions in place and setting you on your merry way – one step at a time. 
  6. Be PATIENT. Good things do take time, even managing your time takes time! By having a plan in place and tackling it one by one, it cuts a digital improvement plan into chunks that are easier to complete. 


Once you have started your time management plan, whether it’s a personal one with your home life or a business one of a digital process improvement plan, you will soon see the lost hours turn into gained ones. So what can you do with that time? 

The world is your oyster! 

William Shakespeare

In terms of business.. Time is precious. By improving processes digitally, this gives more time to focus on the human tasks that digital cannot do.. The one to one training with staff which builds their confidence. The human interaction of checking up on how the employees are doing if you’re part of the management team or higher. The positive feedback that might just make somebody’s day – that they know they are valued in the workplace.  

There are many great things achieved with time, human tasks are just one of them.  

You could look into a development in your business that you may not have had time to do so before, a new product to launch maybe. You could gain more customers as you have the time to take them on. You could work on your marketing more to push your brand awareness online, or you could hire new staff… 

The possibilities are endless! 

If you and your business needs to manage time better and you don’t know where to start?