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Supporting Traditional Supply Chains move towards Supply Chains of the Future,
built on Transparency and Facts...
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For the Supplier & Customer

a self-serve app with real time order tracking throughout the entire process. In addition, the app provides unique features such as Non-Conformance and Compliments logging. Improving business KPI’s such as Overall Equipment Effective (OEE) and On Time In Full (OTIF) – resulting in time & cost savings

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has been part-funded as an Innovation Networks Project and endorsed by Manufacturing Associations

Work Flow Transparency

Having the ability to see through the supply chain not only provides customers with valuable information, but provides Businesses with real-time data of work flow and processes.

Building stronger relationships, gaining support and trust, providing efficient and accurate KPI’s all count towards saving TIME & COST whilst bringing in trade and staying ahead of your competition…

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The first step is to book a Demo with HanaTech – where we go into more depth about the Glass Factory ® App’s features and useability. Once you are happy and ready to go, we set you up with your account and your transparency journey begins…

From Traditional Supply Chain to Supply Chain of the Future!

Typical business owner concerns in an increasingly Digital World...

Customer retention with outdated trading methods​

Dennis is frustrated by the loss of a major client, placing his traditional business in danger. It's becoming more difficult for Dennis to compete with his competitors, who are introducing the latest mobile technology.

Staff retention in an outdated workplace​

Melissa receives a frustrated message from her Dad, when his star apprentice decides to leave due to the outdated technology and lack of innovation in his business. Who will be next to go if things don’t change?

At HanaTech we specialise in Digital Process Improvement in the West Midlands and beyond. We support local business within UK Manufacturing to become more successful at competing and surviving in a Digital World, transforming Traditional Factories towards Factories of the Future, One Quick Win at a Time…

Optimise * Digitalise * Maximise

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