As part of our process, we take a look at your end-to-end customer journey and identify opportunities to innovate your business...
We ensure you keep ahead of the game in an increasingly Digital World…

Where do we start?

With our Process Map, at the start of the customer journey.
In a digital age where most of the population are on the internet, being visible online is key to reaching your target audience and putting your business out there... so how do you get customers?
Through a great marketing and branding plan of course!


Before you even receive enquiries and orders, you need to grab the attention and be accessible. By being visible online and having a strong brand presence, potential customers will notice and remember your business, thus leading to enquiries. 

Marketing and Branding Plan


Most enquiries received via website, email marketing or social media. By having brand visibility online provides customers with key information and a range of ways to access your services, leading to more enquiries.

Enquiry & Quote

Marketing and Branding Plan

Enquiry & Quote

Digital Marketing

Traditional Marketing can be very costly and often brings no ROI, whereas Digital Marketing involves a range of ways to understand and connect with your target audience. In 2022 it is crucial to utilise social media, email marketing and website to reach as many people as possible and generally it's much more affordable. Take a look at the different services we can offer you and start your marketing and branding projects with HanaTech...

Email Marketing

Social Media Management

Content Creation

Website Design

Logo Design & Branding

Email Marketing
If your business doesn't use email marketing as a method, it should consider! Although you may be used to the 'stereotypical' bombarding email marketing, your business marketing method doesn't have to be that way. If you'd like a more efficient way of informing your current customers as well as attracting new ones, email marketing is the way to go.

Take a look at our email examples:
By using platforms such as:
MailChimp and Hubspot, You can start your email marketing journey. with ease. HanaTech will give you the tips and tricks to email marketing, figuring out your business needs and identifying opportunities whilst creating visually pleasing and informative email templates with a purpose.

Social Media Management

is fundamental to a Marketing Plan for any business, whether its B2B or B2C.

Whether you are for/against the use of social media, not utilising the huge potentials is a missed opportunity within every business. Understanding your target audience, current trends and social media platforms is a good place to start. HanaTech's Marketing Skills include:

  • Social Media Platforms and which fits best to your business needs
  • Content creation (from start to finish) and post scheduling options
  • SMO (social media optimisation)
  • Social Media Audits through Analytics

Content Creation

Whether it's paper or digital content, we provide professional content creation to businesses to present your services to your target audience.

From flyers and company literature to social media video, animation and static content - we can provide you with a plan to begin your content creation with the correct tools to suit you.

Creating great content for different platforms and needs requires knowledge not all may possess - with our marketer's Graphic Design background we are able to create content suitable for whatever platform you need, whether it is for Social Media, or physical flyers.

Website Design

Whether your existing site needs a design/usability refresh, or you do not have a site, we will work with you to figure out your business needs.

Having a clear, concise website is the difference between gaining customers and losing them. If your site isn't easy to find or navigate around, this will put off customers at the very first stage of their journey.

The first touch point for enquiry will be your website, as your potential customer will no doubt be Googling something like 'where to find xyz...' 

With key knowledge of website design layout and SEO (search engine optimisation) we can bring your vision to life, whilst being user-friendly.

Logo Design and Branding

The first thing a potential client will remember when it comes to a business is your logo. It's what gives identity and awareness; by having a professional look to your branding it sets you apart from the competition and increases trust with your customers.

We can provide Logo Design and Branding Guidelines to your business, whether you need a refresh of old logo's and branding or a completely new look. HanaTech has created logo's internally and externally using professional software, suitable for web and print purposes. Every business needs a great logo - providing brand awareness and consistency across every platform. Examples of logos we can provide:

  • Company Logos
  • Product/services Logo
  • Favicons

Okay, now what?

Take a look at our support packages below - we offer flexible and tailored support in line with your business needs. If you aren't sure where to start, contact us and we'd be happy to help!

One Off Project

Price On Request
  • A one off project can consist of anything from the above categories, whether it be 1 piece content creation, a logo, brand guidelines. Larger projects such as full website design will be charged at day rate. If you are unsure of what pricing range your project falls under, contact us and we can be sure to assist you and your business needs.

Day Rate

Prices Starting From
£ 250
  • On larger more complex projects, a day rate will be needed. Examples of this could be website design, social media marketing plan, or an email marketing plan. If you are unsure of what pricing range your project falls under, contact us and we can be sure to assist you and your business needs.

Monthly Support

Prices Starting From
£ 500
  • If you require ongoing support with your marketing plans then the monthly support is the package for you! Our monthly support could include regular content creation and post scheduling, social media management and email marketing campaigns, reviewing analytics along the way to see what works best for your business and audience. Get in touch with us to work our what you need from our monthly support package

Typical business owner concerns in an increasingly Digital World...

Customer retention with outdated trading methods​

Dennis is frustrated by the loss of a major client, placing his traditional business in danger. It's becoming more difficult for Dennis to compete with his competitors, who are introducing the latest mobile technology.

Staff retention in an outdated workplace​

Melissa receives a frustrated message from her Dad, when his star apprentice decides to leave due to the outdated technology and lack of innovation in his business. Who will be next to go if things don’t change?

At HanaTech we specialise in Digital Process Improvement in the West Midlands and beyond. We support local business within UK Manufacturing to become more successful at competing and surviving in a Digital World, transforming Traditional Factories towards Factories of the Future, One Quick Win at a Time…

Optimise * Digitalise * Maximise

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