We help Manufacturing Industry SME’s prepare for DIGITAL CHANGE, One Quick Win at a Time…
We ensure you keep ahead of the game in an increasingly Digital World…

Our Support Packages

We offer flexible and tailored support in line with your business needs.

Assessor solution price list logo

The Assessor

£ 250
Per Review
  • We offer a complimentary initial Digital Baseline Review to all of our clients. Additional assessments are priced at £250 +VAT which covers a half day onsite review, travel and the report
Deliverer solution price list logo

The Deliverer

Prices Starting From
£ 1000
Per Project
  • We offer Fixed Fee prices on a project by project basis. Quick win projects are priced from £1,000 +VAT upwards dependant on the complexity and duration of the project, with an average quick win project costing £5,000 +VAT.
  • Most projects will qualify for funding consideration to offset up to 33% towards project costs dependent on meeting eligibility criteria; we provide support and advice on possible funding available and work closely with providers such as the Manufacturing Growth Programme
Manufacturing Growth Programme logo
Innovator solution price list logo

The Innovator

£ 500
  • Our clients preferred partnership package. We offer flexible ongoing innovation support to further develop the companies Digital Roadmap and to offer change management such as monitoring quick win improvements. We provide support and advice on how the Digital innovations could meet R&D Tax Credit incentives and work closely with experts in that field.
  • The Innovator support contract can be tailored dependant on the business needs and starts from £500 +VAT per month which is equivalent to one days support per month.

Typical business owner concerns in an increasingly Digital World...

Customer retention with outdated trading methods​

Dennis is frustrated by the loss of a major client, placing his traditional business in danger. It's becoming more difficult for Dennis to compete with his competitors, who are introducing the latest mobile technology.

Staff retention in an outdated workplace​

Melissa receives a frustrated message from her Dad, when his star apprentice decides to leave due to the outdated technology and lack of innovation in his business. Who will be next to go if things don’t change?

At HanaTech we specialise in Digital Process Improvement in the West Midlands and beyond. We support local business within UK Manufacturing to become more successful at competing and surviving in a Digital World, transforming Traditional Factories towards Factories of the Future, One Quick Win at a Time…

Optimise * Digitalise * Maximise