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7 motivating reasons to NOT give up hope

The way we do things, the way we work. The way we shop, the way we spend our time and money. The effects of the Covid-19 Pandemic is endless, but we are going to give you 7 motivating reasons to NOT give up hope.  

reasons to not give up hope

This year has been a whirlwind of emotions, thoughts and events that nobody ever would have thought of in 2019. The whole world’s lives has changed, forever.

1. The new year is coming… NEW YEAR NEW ME! 

Yes, this is a cliché we know, but maybe after 2020 you should make that 2021 resolution list. Whether it be a personal development or your workplace.. If you own a business why not make one about that? Get writing those lists! It’s a known fact that writing/typing your ideas down and emptying your head releases the weight – we aren’t meant to use our brains to store everything.. That’s what the cloud is made for! Whether you love to hand write your notes first or just straight onto your OneNote notebook, the first step to achieving goals is to lay everything out on the table. 

2. Anything is possible – and it’s okay to need a helping hand sometimes 

There are many of us, even the CEO’s and Managing Directors out there that can’t do everything by themselves; that’s okay!

A problem shared is a problem halved.  

(this post is going to be full of cheesy quotes, sorry!)

Once you have that resolutions list, take a look at what parts you know you can’t action yourself – find your contacts and reach out. Whether that’s family, friends, work colleagues or external businesses. Get that ‘HELP’ list going too, you’re probably going to need it. 

You got this!

3. Nobody is PERFECT…  

Acceptance to your ‘failures’ or ‘mistakes’ is KEY. In any development plan, there will be hurdles and lessons to learn but that’s where growth comes in. For many, this year has been a huge hit on small businesses and this can really deflate you to the point where you think ‘What’s the point in trying to recover?’ Everything feels like too much effort, because of the uncertainty of the year ahead. But think about it, If you can’t control it, don’t overthink about it! The pandemic or the year ahead isn’t in your hands; what’s going to happen will happen anyway.  

So create an overview of your 2020 for your business.. What worked well? What was lacking? How can you improve in 2021? Give yourself goals and something to look forward to! 

4. Set those Goals.. BE PROACTIVE! 

By actually setting goals, big or small you’re already taking steps to be proactive. ‘But, what is these goals I can’t achieve? What if 2021 closes my business?’  

We have to be realistic with our goals.. There is no harm in having huge dreams in the long run, but for the short term to actually BE proactive, you need to break it all down into small achievable aims. Get yourself a Calendar and organise when you want to achieve goals by. Give yourself a tiny little bit of pressure – some people work better knowing they have a deadline! But don’t be hard on yourself if you have to push it back.. They’re really guidelines.  


5. RESEARCH… How can you adapt your business to survive? 

This can be if you own a business, or you work for one – everybody’s voice matters. You have your overview of the previous year; you can see roughly what was missing or what went wrong. Let’s say you’re a small business owner of a lovely vintage store on the high street, you’ve probably not been open for very long in 2020, and your footfall is decreasing each year. Don’t give up hope!

ADAPT to the now, listen to what’s happening around you. What could be a solution to this problem? Start an e-commerce site! Going online is relatively cheap these days, you don’t need to go all out. You could get your business on free platforms such as Facebook and Instagram, have a research of the trends and speak to people, younger people. They know what’s the deal on social media and what works… and do it! What do you have to lose?  

2021 could be the year that you become the hip vintage store on Instagram… 

6. CONTINUE the research and CALL THE EXPERTS 

There are many business consultants out there for the business owners, or if you work for one and you’d like to pitch an idea, pitch it! Think about how you are going to come across, as you don’t want to seem like you’re undermining your MD. But, everyone has a valid voice and you may just have a point that could save a business.  

If you’re the business owner, continue your research a little more into how you need to adapt. But once it get’s past a point you understand, find an expert! There are many who will just give advice, who will help with change management, or will only offer a technical solution. But not every development plan has to cost £££ so get a few opinions, see who identifies areas of opportunity within your business and see who is the right fit for you. 

7. Lastly, DON’T GIVE UP!  

Now or Never

Although this is in the title, it’s very valid. You will have moments that you will feel like giving up, that there is no hope, but start off with the above tips… get that motivation back and work with it! Adapt, as change is inevitable after 2020. Change is necessary to continue your growth. Don’t be scared of it, be excited, be motivated, be encouraged to stay in the competition and build your business to be on top of the game. There is nothing more inspirational than building from the bottom to the top!  

And finally, contact a business consultant who is right for you, HanaTech are a digital process improvement consultancy supporting the Manufacturing Industry, One Quick Win at a Time! 

We hope you enjoyed our motivating reasons to NOT give up hope!

Change Management Industry 4.0

12 reasons why we desperately NEED change to survive

Xmas Hanabot

It’s the 12th Day of HanaTech Christmas! 

For our first blog post we are going to show you 12 reasons why we desperately need change to continue to survive…

What change you ask?  

The world is changing – digitally speaking. There are many innovations all around us that we will outline in day 11 that you never would have thought about, but for now we will give you 12 reasons why we desperately need change; adapting to the digital innovations around us to continue to thrive and build upon. 

1. The high street is on the decline…  

As sad as this may be for many, small businesses rely on in store purchases. But the high street has been on the decline even before the pandemic. As many people are adapting to the use of mobile phones (even your grandma uses Facebook these days!) social media advertising is fuelled with investment; most companies who are making use of the online presence know the stats: 92 per cent of UK adults are forecast to own a smartphone by 2023. 

In recent news, Primark had lost out to a whopping £2 BILLION over 2020’s 1st pandemic ALONE… all because they have no e-commerce website! It seems such a rookie mistake for the fashion giant to not have an online presence in this day and age… Luckily they are not in administration yet… 

Many small businesses who still rely on the face to face interaction need not fear, as it is super easy and cheap to have digital change and build an e-commerce site – still having their in store interaction. The best of both worlds! 

2. The future of WORK: demand for roles within the digital technology sector has grown by 150% over the past 4 years (2015 – 2018)* 

During the current climate of the pandemic, many jobs have been or will be at risk due to the unfortunate lack of need for some roles. HOWEVER, in the digital sector there has been a HUGE increase of demand due to digital change; digital marketers, social media analysts, content creators and more are highly sought after to fulfil brand ‘s online presence; the competition to be the most seen online is high.  

‘But I have trained all of my life to do my specific role, this isn’t fair!’ 

Do not give up! There may be ways for you to mould your current role into a more digital stance by retraining. There are many positives to retraining; especially if you have been in a role for 10+ years and feel pretty stagnant. You can refresh your daily work life, learn new things and have something more exciting to go to each day; as they say, ‘If you always do what you’ve always done you’ll always get what you always got.’

3. Since the pandemic… EVERYTHING moved DIGITAL 

Most workplaces were shut, but many adapted to continue to work by the likes of…  you guessed it.. 

ZOOM. TEAMS. HANGOUTS. Or whatever platform you use…  

Zoom Meetings

But this mandatory digital change has only sparked the question; can we work from home most of the time?  This saves people money, time and effort on their commutes, less busy public transport which right now is key for keeping distance.. 

Here are a few companies that are now switching to remote work long term:

4. Web 2.0 – Briefly explained 

We are strongly within the web 2.0 realm now; user-generated content. Gone are the days where the web could only give you information but with no interaction. Web 2.0 refers to the ease of access, the abilities to collaborate, share and interact with information. Now, web 2.0 has evolved so much it is a referred to as a  ‘social web’  

There are little people who do not use a device in their daily life, whether it’s a laptop, tablet or mobile phone. Can you imagine a day without googling something like ‘who starred in the peaky blinders’ after you’ve just binge watched an entire season? Or then writing a status about it on your socials?  

The development of Web 2.0 has highlighted even more so why we need to adapt and participate; to reap the benefits. 

5. Industry 4.0 – Not just relevant to the Manufacturing Industry 

You may think:

“I have no idea what Industry 4.0 means.. but I don’t need to, I work in accounts?!”

But Industry 4.0 affects EVERYONE. Let’s explain… 

Looking at the 4 stages of the industrial revolution:  

Stage 1 –  Mechanism, Steam and Water Power 

Stage 2 –  Mass production lines and Electricity 

Stage 3 – Electronics, IT Systems, Automation and Robotics 

Stage 4 – SMART factory, AI, Real time data, and Machine learning 

The industry, manufacturing and construction are core parts of what keeps the world running. Without these sectors.. We wouldn’t have anything. The houses we live in, the bed’s we sleep on. The clothes we we wear and the foods we eat. Whether you are in HR, you work for the NHS, you’re a teacher or an Artist. All sectors of life REQUIRE the manufacturing and construction industry.  

Industry 4.0 is in progress, but we DESPERATELY need change to be embraced and encourage this stage as it moulds the future of everything as we know it.  

6. CASE STUDY – Toys R Us Collapse  

An entertainment giant in it’s day, but even the largest companies could fall into administration.. (Looking at the current news of Arcadia Group, who owns TopShop) 

“Toys R Us has failed to innovate its business model, incorporate technology or adapt to changing consumer behavior” * 

In short, the large company made mistakes which only lived to serve lessons to others of what NOT to do. But many people can agree that their resistance to adapt to trends and behaviors resulted in an outcome that nobody wants. Thousands of jobs lost, 100’s of store closures. Which all could have been prevented.. 

7. The technology adoption cycle 

12 reasons why we desperately need change

The new business disruptors are adapting to technology straight away, which is creating a GAP between the already existing businesses that are quite slow with jumping on the tech bandwagon.  

This ‘GAP’ which continues to increase the more innovating technology emerges, is only creating heavier competition… where eventually there will be no competition; the new disruptors are well ahead of the game and customers automatically steer to them. Leaving the businesses falling behind, non existent.  

Don’t be another case study… 

8. The ‘Resistant to Change’  

We all know this category of people can be a hurdle, whether you are one of them or whether you work with them. But how to we combat this resistance? 

From a workplace MD/CEO point of view; it’s all about change management. There are ways to approach the tech adoption subject to those more tricky employee’s… But you can speak to a specialist to get resources and advice! (Cough* HanaTech Cough*) 

If YOU fall into that resistance for reasons such as..  

  • You don’t trust new tech.. It can fail 
  • You don’t know where to start to understand, all seems too complicated 
  • Ignorance 

There are many resources out there and examples of successful technology that are around your daily life that you don’t even notice.. And we trust them everyday. If you don’t understand, or know where to start then again.. Ask for help! There are business consultants out there (Cough* HanaTech Cough*) who are here to help you! 

And if you are the latter.. Unfortunately there isn’t a special potion for the ignorant, sorry. 

9. Who doesn’t want an easier life?! 

Technology has made so many parts of our lives much more easy, efficient and time saving.  

Things such as communication, payments, consumerism, information intake, knowledge and so much more has been made a breeze. We will go into innovations around us in day 11 but see here for 6 ways on how technology has made our lives easier:

10. The world is changing, whether you like it or not.  

The reality is, everything is becoming much more digital; even if you’re not a fan of it. But you can’t deny technology’s abilities and we desperately need change to continue to survive; how far we have come in such a short space of time is already rather impressive…  

The World

See this cool illustrated video for the evolution of tech – 

 From using a typewriter or hand writing letter to sending an email with the click of a button. Although, got to give it to the typewriter that it’s still pleasing to watch. 

11. The modern day ‘swiss army knife’  

In the 70’s, you probably wouldn’t leave your house without these 3 things: Your house key, some pocket change, and a casette player. Now, most of us don’t leave without our mobile phones.  

Mobile phones have become the swiss army knife; you can pretty much do anything on it from payments, to communication, to consumerism to even controlling the lights in your homes.  

A mobile phone is the necessity item that people carry around even over cash.  

So, from a business owner or marketing point of view, its VITAL to analyse behaviours; this is how you place your business in the competition.  

12. CHANGE is inevitable, so you may as well embrace it to overcome it 

Lastly, from a personal point of view, many people struggle with change in life, which is a completely normal process, but it doesn’t always have to be confusing and intense. Change is always going to happen, as this means moving forwards and progressing. If we all embrace it and become more open minded it benefits in the long run, making the change transition much easier to flow without any resistance. Why give yourself more unnecessary weight?  

We hope you enjoyed reading our 12 REASONS why we desperately need change … Keep an eye out for tomorrow’s post…