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Our customers mean absolutely everything to us. Which is why we’re so excited when we receive the lovely feedback we’ve received, see below for just a few:

Adam Calloway
Adam CallowayMD at Alpha Finishing
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“Working with HanaTech has enabled us to question and change inefficient practices, those methods done the same way because they have always been done that way, into opportunities for greater efficiency, less duplication, which will repeat time and again on our bottom-line”
Ian Preston
Ian PrestonSales Skills Trainer & Keynote Speaker
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"I have had the pleasure of meeting and chatting with Hana several times. She is one clever, switched on and motivated individual. Manufacturing processes are going to HAVE to change as we come out of lockdown. Instead of sitting and scratching your head why not get in touch with Hana first. Doesn't cost anything to talk!"
Sean Baker
Sean BakerGlobal Engagement Director at itelligence
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“Hana led the successful transition of IESA to S/4HANA in 5 months, her drive, focus, commitment to total quality were critical to the success – the appropriate blend of being very demanding but fair. The project teams success has been recognised in the industry and the personal commitment that Hana demonstrated was 1st class leadership. She has subsequently led innovative approaches to Agile delivery on a SAP platform – not a trivial task. It was a pleasure to be part of a successful team under her dedicated and committed leadership”
John Robson
John RobsonCTO
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“Hana has the ability to analyse complex issues, use continuous improvement / software development skills to lock down onto a solution and then deliver – and do that over and over again. Her experience of operational environments blended with process re-engineering and technology ensure she can get her arms around large daunting requirements and external suppliers to keep the most challenging projects on track. Great to work with as well”
Valued Client
Valued ClientApril 2019
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"Hana successfully led our full system upgrade project from SAP ECC to SAP S/4HANA which was delivered on time and under budget with zero defects on Go Live. This strategic project was a key enabler for our Global growth strategy."
Valued Client
Valued ClientDecember 2019
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"We asked Hana for a full rebranding of our eCommerce platform, which not only involved a facelift, but new features were also introduced. This has enabled us to stay ahead of the competition and we've had great Client feedback!"
Valued Client
Valued ClientOctober 2018
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"Hana created our Digital Roadmap to align business and technology vision to enable priorities to be set to deliver our Global growth strategy. The Roadmap covers operational stability milestones, further Product enhancement plans and dedicating time to R&D and innovation to futureproof our market leading position"

Typical business owner concerns in an increasingly Digital World...

Customer retention with outdated trading methods​

Dennis is frustrated by the loss of a major client, placing his traditional business in danger. It's becoming more difficult for Dennis to compete with his competitors, who are introducing the latest mobile technology.

Staff retention in an outdated workplace​

Melissa receives a frustrated message from her Dad, when his star apprentice decides to leave due to the outdated technology and lack of innovation in his business. Who will be next to go if things don’t change?

At HanaTech we specialise in Digital Process Improvement in the West Midlands and beyond. We support local business within UK Manufacturing to become more successful at competing and surviving in a Digital World, transforming Traditional Factories towards Factories of the Future, One Quick Win at a Time…

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